Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomatoes! New Seeds! Poop! Farmer's Almanac!

Today was another busy day. It is getting hot here which means things really need to get seeded and in the ground before Florida's summer heat hits and everything wilts and dies.

Today I planted the tomatoes that were all sitting in one pot. I have learned alot about tomatoes since I have started gardening and even though I thought mine were doing well, by garden standards they were sucking the big one.

The longest, but probably the best, soil recipe I have found for tomatoes comes from Love Apples Farm out in Cali. She sells a HUGE list of tomato plants as well and other stuff - her farm is also beautiful. 

Her soil list:
Compost, soil conditioner, humic acid, chicken compost, worm castings, crab meal, egg shells, raw fish heads, bone meal, Mycorrhizal root booster and fertilizer (4-6-4 or 5-5-5), and two aspirins. 

Man can this girl make up the ultimate soil recipe. See recipe HERE.

I couldn't do all of this, mostly because it gets expensive, but because I couldn't get a hold of some of the ingredients in time. I convinced my dad to save me 4 fish heads and tails from his catch this morning and put one under each of the newly planted tomato bushes. GO TEAM DAD! 

Then I mixed the bone meal, cow manure, potting soil, aspirin, some Miracle Grow (I got on sale at Ace) and the sandy soil I already had (which baked in the sun hopefully killing off any sneaky nematodes). And now it is in God's (or whatever you believe in) hands to make them grow big and wonderful.

I went shopping with my sis to get the cow manure which means she made me spend money! I ended up buying her sunflower seeds (Mammoth and Double Sun Gold) which I have now planted and will most likely be taking care of. I needed the bees anyway. 

Also bought today:
Sweet Basil seeds
Marigold, Crackerjack, Mixed Colors
Cucumber Straight Eight 
Cucumber Boston Pickling

I also got an oregano plant and a stevia. I have NO IDEA what to do about stevia so I guess that will be my new project. 

The squash is still growing, the strawberries are still getting redder, and the lettuce is still seeding (friday I will post how to save those). Also most of the radishes have popped up.

Tomorrow is my last day for seeding and re-planting for a few days since the Farmer's Almanac says the May 2-6 are dead days. I hope I can get my tea tree in the ground and the zinnias separated and in pots by then.

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